The Simple Path
Silence is Prayer
Prayer is Faith
Faith is Love
Love is Service
The Fruit of Service is Peace
Mother Teresa


The Sunday afternoon liturgy that began at St. Martin’s as Appie Church will be going forward as Agapé Gathering.

This gathering is based on the informal love meal of the early Christians. Each month there is a theme with readings and conversation revolving around this theme.  

Bring an appetizer or a beverage to share and celebrate God’s love with food and fellowship.

This is an opportunity to gather for worship around conversation, fellowship and food. We gather in the church on the first Sunday of each month at 4:30  p.m.

 This is a great opportunity for anyone of any age, no experience necessary. 

During the suspension of in-person worship, the Agapé Gathering is meeting via Zoom.  Contact the Parish Office for the meeting id and join us around the Virtual Table.

 Embracing the Spirit

Alone we are only a spark,
But in the spirit we are a fire.
Alone we are only a string,
But in the spirit we are a lyre.
Alone we are only an anthill,
But in the spirit we are a mountain.
Alone we are only a drop,
But in the spirit we are a fountain.
Alone we are only a feather,
But in the spirit we are a wing.
Alone we are only a beggar,
But in the spirit we are a king.

                                    Amado Nervo (trans) 1870-1919

Scripture:  Matthew 3:13-4:11


African proverb  “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


If we wish to live with the faith of the early Christians, we have to leave our individualism behind and rediscover a sense of community.

“The Eucharist is never more truly the Eucharist than when it takes flesh in the Church as the Body of Christ, and the Church is never more truly the Church than when it becomes a living Eucharist.”                                                                                                 Brother Émile, Taizé, 2008

It is not that God needs our gifts but rather that we need to give. What we offer is first and foremost our gratitude, as the memorial of God’s generosity in the giving of His Son. Joyfully offered, our gratitude opens us to the freedom of the children of God. This is what it means to be a child of God: to know that we are what we are through the free gift of God.         Irenaeus of Lyons

Scripture  Acts 4:32-5:4