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  Thank you to everyone who participated in a good conversation at Vestry regarding a new look to our worship space. As we move forward with our trial period, here is a sneak peak at some of the next steps.   

  • Total of 4 pews affected each side of the Nave. 
  • 3 pews angled to form a ‘V’ shape as described in diagram to the left. 
  • 1 pew re-located to Narthex. 
  • A ‘light weight’ portable altar brought forward.   
  • High Altar remains in place and is used for large Celebrations such as Easter Day and Christmas Eve for the Mid-Night Mass.   

This next step allows us to consider more carefully how to store the pews for a short term or long term basis.    As we move forward with enhancing our worship space I ask that you continue to keep an open heart and mind to these initiatives.

We all have the best interest of St. Martin’s in mind and wish to see our parish grow and become more vibrant. This is one way in which we can live into this goal.   

Please do not hesitate to talk to me about our new look if you require more information or have any further questions. We are in this together, and I value your thoughts.   

Fr. Robin+