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The Parish of St. Mary's Kerrisdale, has posted this very helpful step-by-step guide to help us keep abreast of technology:

We have received notice from Zoom of a required update to their software to increase security in their platform. Please follow these instructions to update your software by Sunday morning to ensure that you are able to continue to worship with us. 

(***These instructions are for computers. If you use a mobile device or tablet, the update should be pushed through the App Store/Google Play)

Launch Zoom
- Windows: Select start, search for Zoom, and select it to launch the app.
- Mac: Open the search function (Command + Space) and search for Zoom. Find Zoom listed under 'Applications' then click to launch, OR click on F4, then search for and select Zoom.
Login. Then select the user menu on the top right. (May simply look like a square with your initials.)

- If you don't see these options, you are likely using an old version and should uninstall the application and follow the directions to install Zoom again.

In the menu, select ‘Check for Updates’.
- A notification will display that shows your current version of Zoom.

If you see ‘Zoom is up to date’, you are using the most current version. All shall be well.
If you see a message at the bottom that a newer version of Zoom is available, select Update, and follow the prompts on your screen.