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As a follow up to my “power point” presentation in church last week,  here is a quick summary of jobs that need to be fulfilled.  


~ You will work with a partner who can help guide you
~ Fr. Robin is great at quietly helping you with what comes next                                                   ~ Mistakes are welcome!  It is your commitment to help that is important.

Sidespersons       Usually done in pairs.  The job includes greeting people as they enter church, porting the wine, water and wafers from the back of the church to the altar, passing the offering plate and managing the communion line.  Sounds like a lot, but as the service moves along, you just quietly fulfill the jobs along with it.

Servers                   Usually done in pairs.  Help Priest set table (Altar) for dinner (Communion).  As at home we need plates, cups, food and drink! Carry cross or Gospel Book at beginning and end of service and for Gospel during Service.  Primary role is to assist priest.

Lectionary Readers         These people read out the Lectionary Readings (passages from the Bible)

Intercessors       After choosing a Litany from the Book of Alternative Services or the Book of Common Prayer, the intercessors deliver prayers to the congregation.  They can be as creative as you like, or simply fill in the blanks.

Counters             Must be done in pairs.  Counting the offering in the office after the service.

Coffee                  Set up coffee and tea before the service and provide congregation with drinks after!

Sunday School                 Every second Sunday, to help with the little ones.  Please contact Wendy MB for this role.

Altar Guild          As part of the Altar Guild, you keep the vessels and chalices clean and prepared for service.  You also prepare flowers for the Altar.  Please contact Margaret Duckham or Daphne Shepard for roles in the Altar Guild.

Thank you for your ongoing support!