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We are excited to organize St Martin’s first online-only auction.

Do you have the following to contribute: an item, experience or service valued at $50 or more? 

Here are some examples we have so far:

  • Clergy Quilt - handmade creation by our own Mother Stephanie, valued $120
  • A Walk in the Park - 3 hours’ childcare with Véronica, valued $50
  • Esther’s Custom Masks - choose 10 patterns/sizes, valued $100
  • Super Snaps - 2 hours’ socially-distanced photography, including all your photos, valued $200

We are also soliciting “bottles” or donations to fill our gift boxes such as spirits,  jams/preserves, gourmet condiments.  Please drop off your items in the box in the Narthex 

The deadline for contributions is 08 November, and our online auction will take place 15-29 November.

Donations? Questions?

Please contact us and we will arrange to get your description and photo.

Véronica and Wendy