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A followup on our conversation circle from the Anglican Church’s “Surprised by the Spirit" project

Sharing a Spark: from a Conversation Circle on the “Surprised by the Spirit” project

Several members of St. Martin’s met to reflect on questions from the National Anglican Church about what we have experienced in this past year. The group came up with:

One Learning: All people need to be able to hear and to listen to one another to be in community, whether they are physically together or apart.  The challenge is building new hybrid models with the technology and the practices that are available to us.

One Question: How can we connect lonely people better with each other and the Church?

One Hope: Even a small group of people working together is better than one person working alone to share the Spirit!

If you would like to get together with a couple of friends to explore the project, materials are available through the parish office.  Findings from across Canada will be gathered up for a Thanksgiving 2021 presentation from our Primate Linda Nicholls.