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A Letter from Shannon Muir, REST Coordinator: Chair, Diocesan Refugee Unit

We have been working together for quite a long time now! We started way back in 2015 and we have done so much! 

We have directly sponsored 14 individuals and co-sponsored 16 more! Please send a healthy pat on the back to everyone in your parishes for helping to make all of this happen. 

As you know, we continue to have some supportive involvement with those we have sponsored, but most of these people are now living their new lives in Canada, independently. We have one more person coming, next month, that we have pledged to support. That is Mousa. We have most of the funds needed to support him, so we will be looking for a small amount of fundraising at some point during the coming year of his support. Stay tuned. 

So, given that we have now fulfilled what we set out to do originally, and much more, please let me know if your parish wishes to continue to be an active part of REST. We are not currently initiating any new sponsorships, but we do hope that we will find some renewed energy to do so in the future, at some point. 


I have included a link to an article with some details about how parishes can be involved in Co-sponsorships. This is a wonderful way that your parish may wish to be involved in the future. We very frequently have requests from families who are hoping to bring their family members to Canada. They have a group of people ready to do the settlement work and/or funds raised. Our diocese requires that they also have a parish co-sponsor. All of the details are below. Please do consider this option in the future, as a way your church can be involved without having to do very much work or put up any money! 

We also have every kind of individual and family pleading us to find them sponsors, so if your parish is interested, please do talk to me about possibilities. 

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for all of these wonderful people, 

Shannon Muir 
REST Coordinator
Chair, Diocesan Refugee Unit