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Many have asked me for prayer resources for this time. You will find below  a collection of prayers that Archdeacon Richard Leggett has assembled for me and for us. As you’ll see, the prayers express a range of concerns related to our current situation. Please know that I and the Synod Office staff are praying daily for all of you. We also ask your prayers for us at this time.

Prayer Resources in the Time of COVID-19

 Below please find a treasure of prayer resources that you may use during the COVID-19 outbreak. These selections are courtesy of Archdeacon Richard Leggett.  All come from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship:  Occasional Services for the Assembly (2009). 

 Confinement (Quarantine) [OSA, p. 291]

Merciful God, in the stillness of our souls we listen for your voice to know again that you are God.  Quiet our restless hearts with the knowledge that you are near us, keeping watch over your own.  Rekindle our faith and light the lamp of hope within our hearts.  Then take us by the hand into each day that lies ahead, for where you lead we can confidently go with Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 Chronic illness [OSA, p. 288]

Loving God, your heart overflows with compassion for your whole creation.  Pour out your Spirit upon N and all people living with illness for which there is no cure, as well as their families and loved ones.  Help them to know that you claim them as your own; deliver them from fear and pain; and assist us in ministering to their needs; for the sake of Jesus Christ, our healer and Lord.  Amen


Caregivers and others who support the sick [OSA, p. 297]

Compassionate God, support and strengthen all those who reach out in love, concern and prayer for the sick and distressed.  In their acts of compassion, may they know that they are your instruments.  In their concerns and fears, may they know your peace.  In their faithful serving, may they know your steadfast love.  May they not grow weary or faint-hearted, for your mercy’s sake.  Amen.

 Thanksgiving for caregivers  [OSA, pp. 297-298]

Holy and compassionate God, you send to us in our need those who care for us and look out for our lives.  Bless them in their love for us.  Bless the hands of those who work for our health.  Bless the minds of those who search for our healing.  Bless the feet of those who come to us in our need.  Bless the eyes of those who look after us.  Bless the hearts of those who serve; fil them with compassion and patience; and work through all of them for the betterment and well-being of all your children, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 Health care providers  [OSA, p. 298]

Merciful God, your healing power is everywhere about us.  Strengthen those who work among the sick; give them courage and confidence in all they do.  Encourage them when they are overwhelmed with many pressing needs or when their efforts seem futile.  Increase their trust in your power to bring life and wholeness even in the midst of death and pain and crying.  May they be thankful for every sign of health you give, and humble before the mystery of your healing grace; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 Other prayers

 National distress

Eternal God, amid all the turmoil and changes of the world your love is steadfast and your strength never fails.  In this time of danger and trouble, be to us a sure guardian and rock of defence.  Guide the leaders of our nation with your wisdom, comfort those in distress, and grant us courage and hope to face the future; through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.  Amen.  [OSA, p. 393]

Time of conflict, crisis, disaster

O God, where hearts are fearful and constricted, grant courage and hope.  Where anxiety is infection and widening, grant peace and reassurance.  Where impossibilities close every door and window, grant imagination and resistance.  Where distrust twists our thinking, grant healing and illumination.  Where spirits are daunted and weakened, grant soaring wings and strengthened dreams.  All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.  Amen.  [OSA, p. 394]

 Anxiety, apprehension, fear

Almighty and merciful God, you are the only source of health and healing; you alone can bring calmness and peace.  Grant to us, your children, a consciousness of your presence and a strong confidence in your love. In our pain, our weariness, and our anxiety, surround us with your care, protect us by your loving might, and permit us once more to enjoy health and strength and peace; through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.  Amen.  [OSA, p. 401]

 Discouragement, despair

God our comforter, you are a refuge and a strength for us, a helper close at hand in times of distress.  Enable us to hear the words of faith so that our fear is dispelled, our loneliness eased, our anxiety calmed, and our hope reawakened.  May your Holy Spirit lift us above our sorrow to the peace and light of your constant love; through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.  Amen.  [OSA, p. 402 alt.]

 Guidance, protection

Write your blessed name, O Lord, upon my heart, there to remain so indelibly graven that no prosperity, no adversity, shall ever move me from your love.  Be to me a strong tower of defence, a comforter in tribulation, a deliverer in distress, a very present help in trouble, and a guide to heaven through the many temptations and dangers of this life.  Amen.  [OSA, p. 402]