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Every year, the plum trees on our street look like they are dying back with age yet send out new blossoms of hope.  We too need to look for the signs of life around us.  This week (when I remember to stop obsessing about the bad news that bombards us), I can find many examples of kindness and courage and creativity.

One is a project begun by a family in our community to focus energy on positive outlets.  You can check it out at 

Every small action we take in the global battle is for the healing of the world God loves.  You are encouraged to be generous in your prayers, your resources, and your talents.

Next week, St. Martin’s will be sharing resources for Holy Week.   There will be a Stations of the Cross liturgy using the images at St. Martin’s and a resource for individuals or households to use during the days that follow.  Together we will pray through death to resurrection.  Easter is still coming this year, and there is before us life that triumphs over death.