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Thanks to the good grace of our sister church at St. Catherine’s Capilano, our parish now has 40 copies of the Canadian “Common Praise” hymnal on long-term loan.  On Sunday March 15 we will introduce this supplementary music resource to the parish.  

Since both the hymn books are blue and are called Common Praise, the previous English church hymnals at St. Martin’s have been marked with a Union Jack flag on the front.   We will only be using one hymnal each week to avoid some confusion.  Each week, on the first page of the bulletin, it will mentioned which edition we will be using - UK or Canada.

Take a minute to have a look inside the Canadian hymnals.  Some of the songs are familiar, some are new.  The book is slightly lighter and bigger, and there are 8 copies that are large print distributed throughout the church.  If that’s your preference, move it to a spot near where you sit.  New hymns will be introduced with practice before the service.

the Venerable Stephanie Shepard+