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Zoom is an online video conferencing platform that allows groups to gather and meet in a virtual setting.  The Diocese of New Westminster is a licensed organization that is providing access to parishes as part of a subscription.  We can meet with up to 100 participants.  We can also record services and upload to the parish’s Youtube channel as well.

1.     In order to join in meetings, you are encouraged to set up your device to run Zoom prior to the day.  

2.      You need a pc/laptop with a webcam and microphone and internet access
         OR you can use an iPad/tablet or smart phone with headphones.  
         OR A touchtone phone can still join with audio (no video) from the teleconferencing number.

3.      You can download the Zoom software from (You don't have to do this for a telephone).

         This is recommended before a meeting so you can test your settings.

4.      Or you can respond to an invitation to join a Zoom meeting at the beginning of the meeting time. 
         Just click on the join link in the invitation and you will be prompted to download and install Zoom at that time.  This is a longer process.

5. takes you through the steps for different kinds of devices.

6.      If you are joining by phone, dial in the Canadian teleconferencing number 778 907 2071
         Then enter St. Martin's Meeting ID: 233 283 2686.  This ID will never change.

7.      If you are joining by computer, either accept the invitation from your email, or press on the link from             the E-Newsletter.  Meeting ID: 233 283 2686     

        When you join a meeting, you will come into a virtual "waiting room".  The host will then let you in.

NOTE:  St. Martin's Meeting ID will never change so you can always link to a Zoom meeting from any e-news link.