This campaign has been set up by Emily Pettengell, a past parishioner of St. Martin's.

Hello.  I’m writing on behalf of the family of Pastor Martin Baxter, who is at St. Andrew’s and St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, which is just a few short blocks away from St Martin’s.  

In August 2017 Martin’s wife, Heather, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. We all rejoiced when she finished treatment in total remission in January 25, 2018. Very sadly, in June 2018, her cancer markers shot up, and it was revealed that cancerous fluid was developing in her peritoneum, which is the serous membrane lining the cavity of the abdomen and covering the abdominal organs. 

This family is in need not only of prayer, but of financial assistance (hence the Go Fund Me link below). I know these people are not of your parish, but that shouldn’t matter should it? Jesus didn’t just help one community, and neither should we.

Many thanks to everyone at St. Martin's.

Emily Pettengell