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I am pleased to announce that once again St. Martin's will be used as a polling place for both advance voting and election day voting for the community living in this area.

Voting day is September 20.  To check that you are registered, you can go to Registration - Elections Canada.

To find out more about the different parties platforms, MacLeans Magazine has a comprehensive 2021 Federal Election Platform Guide.

Fun Facts about Canada's Federal Election

Did you know that poll workers cannot wear any colours that resemble a party's colours?

Did you know that following amendments to the Canada Elections Act in December 1996, the minimum election period was shortened from 47 to 36 days?

Did you know that the Chief Electoral Officer is the only Canadian citizen over the age of 18 who, by law, is not allowed to vote in federal elections? This is because he or she has a duty to uphold the principles or absolute neutrality and non-partisanship.

Did you know that Elections Canada is required by law to hold federal elections on a Monday? If the Monday is a federal or provincial holiday, then the election is moved to a Tuesday.