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There has been interest expressed by some members of St. Martin’s to hold regular study sessions throughout the year. We could hold sessions for study of selected books, videos, topics, and chapters of the Bible, and could begin with a summer series if sufficient interest exists.  

Please write or call into the church office if you are interested, preferably in the next week, indicating if you would like to attend weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, and of the following options, what time(s) you would be able to attend these 1 hour sessions:

  •  Mondays 3pm, 
  • Tuesday evenings 7pm (non-parish council weeks)
  • Saturday morning 9:30 am 

For example, June being indigenous history month, and the focus for 2021 being on residential school survivors, missing children and their families (, we could begin with a series of discussions around videos being made available through the Anglican Church of Canada. We are encouraged to view these discussions on or after June 20, 2021, when all Anglican parishes are requested to observe the National Indigenous Day of Prayer.  These include:

  • Navajo blessing “Walk in Beauty”, from the women of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland
  • Prayers, an adaptation of the Great Thanksgiving
  • The Strawberry Story, written by the late Canon Ginny Doctor
  • Homily by the Rt. Rev. Chris Harper (Bishop of Saskatoon)

Looking forward to your response!

Joy W.