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Disaster Psychosocial Services (DPS) is offering free support to anyone affected by the violent events at Lynn Valley Library over the weekend. 

This support is available from noon to 6:00 at Karen Magnussen Rec Centre, starting March 30th, and continuing all week. One of St. Catherine’s parishioners, an experienced grief and loss counsellor with a specialty in trauma, will be volunteering tomorrow, along with several other professionals this week.  In addition,  Stephanie is available to arrange a distanced outside visit at the church for those who need pastoral care and prayer.  

Here are some additional resources:

Community resources:

Coping after a traumatic event (CMHA)
Coping with a traumatic event (in English)
Coping with a traumatic event (in Chinese)
Coping with a traumatic event (in Farsi)
Responding to Stressful Events: Helping Teens Cope
Responding to Stressful Events: Helping Children Cope
Responding to Stressful Events: Taking Care of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Communities
Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events
Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health (NVSD)

Wellness & Resilience Centre

North Shore Emergency Management and the three North Shore municipalities have established a Wellness and Resilience Centre at Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre. The centre is a space for the community to access services to support their mental and emotional wellbeing during this difficult time. Please email if you have additional questions or comments regarding the centre. 

The Centre is open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. everyday for seven days.
Grief counsellors will be available to provide support.
COVID safety protocols are in place and PPE is available. 
Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre

2300 Kirkstone Road
North Vancouver, BC
V7J 1Z6