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Greetings, Lay and Clergy Leaders

At today’s briefing by the Provincial Health Officer and the Minister of Health regarding the current COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings it was announced that the current restrictions have been extended until midnight, February 5, 2021.

We will therefore continue to gather online as we have been doing for the past weeks. I repeat the message that I included In my communique to you on December 8, asking that you do the best you can to offer meaningful online liturgies and also consider providing some other ways for people to connect to each other, while at the same time doing what you need to do for yourselves and for your own families.

The Consecration and Ordination of the Reverend John Stephens will take place on January 23 at 11am as scheduled but will be livestream only. The links and online locations for the liturgy to be circulated once they are available.

Thank you all for your ministry during this most difficult time and please don’t hesitate to contact one of us on the Re-Opening Team: myself, Tellison Glover, Philippa Segrave-Pride with any questions you may have.

In Christ

Archbishop Melissa Skelton +