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Yesterday, a couple of people asked about the hymn offered up in the Sunday morning service. It comes from the Canadian hymnal "Common Praise", #177, and the text is written by Thomas H. Troeger (1945- ) to the tune Beach Haven.

Here are the lyrics...

A spendthrift lover is the Lord who never counts the cost

or asks if heaven can afford to woo a world that's lost.

Our lover tosses coins of gold across the midnight skies

and stokes the sun against the cold to wam us when we rise. 

Still more is spent in blood and tears to win the human heart,

to overcome the violent fears that drive the world apart.

Behold the bruised and thorn-crowned face of one who bears our scars

and empties out the wealth of grace that's hinted by the stars.

How shall we love this heart-strong God who gives us everything,

whose ways to us are strange and odd: what can we give or bring?

Acceptance of the matchless gift is gift enough to give.

The very act will shake and shift the way we love and live.