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During these days of declared isolation,
allowing us pause for weighty reflection,
may we draw closer together in spirit
as lights grow dim across the nation.

We declared to ourselves we were ready for change
the time is now for such to arrange;
Perhaps together we shall find our way
to worship the One for whom nothing is strange.

Though separate in space, we remain together
through time unknown when next we may gather;
For those who struggle with cares and sorrow
may we offer our help and prayer for each other.

Let us share the joys that warm the heart
as we in our daily lives do our part
to spread the Kingdom of Love in our midst
that all anxiety may depart.

In this season of life Springing all around
from sea to sky chirping birds do resound;
Let us take the time to open our eyes
and see the flowers painting the ground.

The beloved disciple shared words long ago
of Desire for worship in spirit to grow
for when we worship in spirit and truth
with thanks and praise our hearts overflow.

Let us put our trust in our Loving Creator
to guide our way into the future
as part of a Church that points to Truth
and shares God’s Love in ways that matter.