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Thank you to all who have shared such kind words and thoughts with me for my birthday and as I near the end of my appointment at St. Martin’s.  I am so touched by your love and trust as we have gone through this last 19 months together.  Although Stephanie Shepard will work her last day in the parish on July 15, 2021, you will not be shepherd-less.  

As Bishop John considers the right appointment for a new vicar, the parish will be supported with a wonderful line-up of guest preachers and presiders for the summer.  The Revs. Hyok Kim, Neil Fernyhough, and Peter Smyth are already confirmed and looking forward to connecting with you on Sundays.  There will be pastoral support from other deanery clergy, including your Regional Dean Patrick Blaney and Regional Archdeacon Stephen Muir, and the Rev. Sharon Smith of our sister parish St. Catherine’s.  And I know you will look out for each other and for all who yearn to connect with this Anglican church for companionship.

Above all, we look to our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who has guided and guarded this community of faith through all the changes and continues to be the one we all follow on the path of righteousness.  Pastors come and go, but the Body of Christ has one leader, and that is our Lord.