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Can we stop for a moment and acknowledge that the world is different now?  I admit to mixed feelings of grief, uncertainty, and anticipation.  It’s like standing on a platform waiting to board a train or plane to somewhere you’ve never been before.  Getting this far has taken a lot of faith and support.  Taking the next step needs courage.   

Let’s be gentle and kind with each other as we move to re-opening our buildings and our hearts.  St. Martin’s community begins anew as God’s Spirit inspires us to new life.  

You are invited to come as you are, either on site or through Zoom to join in.  We have a couple of weeks to get used to this new way of gathering before public health orders will give us even more possibilities in July.  I am thankful for all the preparation and practice.  I am especially thankful for your faithfulness and curiosity that draw you to this faith community.  

We are all newcomers, welcomed by Jesus Christ our host at the table.  Alleluia!