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Something new is starting to build.  After all the disruption and uncertainty, there are some positive changes on the horizon.  Let me count the ways:

1.      Next week public health officials will be announcing changes to the current restrictions on worship gatherings.  Once the parish leadership knows what is possible and our diocesan bishop John Stephens confirms our plan, we will be informing every one of the time-line.

2.      The Search Committee of St. Martin’s, which includes the wardens, delegates, and alternate delegates to Synod, is working on a short parish profile to assist in the appointment of a new clergy leader.  What we are able to communicate regarding our identity, our priorities, and the skills needed for the next priest will help match the right person for the next stage of the parish journey.

3.      The process of discovery continues with St. Catherine’s parish as we explore how the two parishes may grow closer in relationship.  An opportunity for people beyond parish council to meet and greet each other is in the works.

As we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost on Sunday May 23rd, let’s give thanks that the Spirit is active among us, stirring us to new life.