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This week, May 3-9, 2021, is Mental Health Week across Canada.  Our Christian faith carries an understanding that God wants us to be whole and holy people.  Jesus Christ came among us in a human body in what we call the incarnation.  And our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  That means that our physical and mental wellbeing is part of our spiritual wellbeing.  It’s all connected.

Sometimes it is difficult to name the many feelings that our lived experiences stir up inside us.  When people ask how we are, we may say “fine” even when we are not.  I have fallen in the trap of believing that others will think I have less faith if I confide a struggle I am going through.  Being aware of our emotions is important.  We are not any less a Christian when we are sad or angry or depressed.  We can be honest before God, who will help us in our needs. 

Let us help each other to protect and promote mental health in our faith communities. We can listen and support if someone trusts enough to name how they really feel.  We can respect their boundaries of what feels safe to share. And we can understand our own limitations. It’s not about fixing or giving an easy answer, but honouring the journey to wholeness and holiness.


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