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I’ve been thinking about guard rails this week – from the evolving supports at the chancel steps in the church, to the anticipated repair of the railings along the outside breezeway, to the safety bars that make washroom facilities accessible.  It’s good to have something to grab onto or that keeps people within safe bounds.  During this time of lessened usage of our facilities, we are still upgrading in anticipation of the day we will physically come back together.  And yes, we will!

I wonder if we also need to pay attention to the emotional and spiritual guardrails in our lives?  Maybe you have discovered a need for more support lately, and the old ways feel a little wobbly for leaning on.  Our friends and family can only take so much of the load.  With Jesus’ help, we can rebuild, replace, and reach out for new ties that keep us on the path of wellness.  The guard rails of our faith guide us in following God’s road and making decisions according to our values and mission.  Prayer and worship, learning and study, life in community, action through service: these are the context of Christian community.  What do you value about St. Martin’s that can help guide you more in the days ahead?

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