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I had a very gentle nurse yesterday who gave me my first vaccine shot at a pharmacy on Wednesday.  I don’t like any kind of needle (in spite of having allergy desensitization treatment for the last two years).  Courage comes with my responsibility to keep the people in my life safer.  Like our health officials and government leaders, I encourage you to take the earliest opportunity to get whichever vaccine is offered.  And yes, I had chills and fever and a headache as a result, but that is a small price to pay.

This week, as the numbers of infections in our community mounts, let’s each do our part to support each other’s health by prayer and action. 

Loving God, we lift up to you all who are suffering in this pandemic.  Be with those who are sick at home and those in hospital.  Be with the family members and caregivers who are tending to them.  Comfort all who have had loved ones die from this disease, and those who have lost family members and friends from drug toxicities, suicide, and associated causes.  Support and sustain families who have not had opportunities to grieve at public gatherings.  Thank you for all who do essential work in our community and give them continued strength to serve when the days get long and weary.  Be with us, Lord, every day as we wait and hope for a brighter new beginning.  Amen.