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If we were to gather a daffodil for every woman who has given love and time to mother in this faith community, our church would be filled with flowers.  This Sunday, being the fourth week of Lent, marks a time to honour and remember all mothers.  We celebrate with joy those who have become new mothers in this last year.  We mourn with those who grieve the deaths of their mothers, especially during this pandemic.  And we reach out with love and prayer to all mothers who are separated from their families and friends because of the current restrictions. 

Besides our biological and family ties, we have women in our lives who nurture and sustain us.  Let us give thanks for these mothers.  Then there are the ones that call us to work for justice, compassion, and loving-kindness:  our mother earth, our mother church, and above all, God our Mother and Father.  In the teachings of our faith and the experiences of our lives, let us learn of good from the mothers we know.  I invite you to make a connection with a mother in your life this Sunday, and offer a flower of your love.