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This Sunday marks St. Martin’s Annual Vestry Meeting.  This is an important gathering every year to decide how God is directing us to be servants in the world. 

In this year of continued transition, you are asked to participate and prayerfully consider an unfolding direction for the community.  The motions we pass, the budget we approve, and the leaders we commit will go forward on a path of exploring ways of sharing ministry with St. Catherine’s Anglican, Capilano.  So much prayerful work has gone into assessing our energy and capacity.  The parish council and trustees you elect will now oversee this dialogue and report back to the congregation with specific recommendations.  For the love of Christ that we experience through St. Martin’s, be an active participant and not a passive bystander as the Holy Spirit speaks to us in community. 

In the Friday e-newsletter and on the website, as well as in the paper mail-outs, are the links you need to be part of this sacred conversation about our future.