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It’s about identity.  This week, there are several festivals and special days:  Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, the beginning of Lent.  How you celebrate depends on the traditions that are important to you and those close to you.  Customs may change to meet the circumstances we find ourselves in so that we can keep our loved ones safe, but I hope you will find new ways to express who you are and what is important to you.  Some of your church friends are offering recipes for you to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, February 16th, and a sheet is available here: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Recipes

As people of faith, now more than ever it is needful for us to support each other’s ministries through worship, study, and fellowship.  As you read some of the possibilities below in the newsletter, please consider how you can join your Church family to mark the beginning of our road to Easter.  We walk in companionship with saints before us and saints across our world in the love of Jesus.