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Today I am going on a date.  I am still committed to my husband, but I am ready to share my life with another companion.  My daughters and I have a time booked at “Catoro Café” to meet and greet with prospective cats up for adoption.  How will we know we are a good fit for each other?  I suppose that comes from the signals we give off and the compromises we are willing to make to live into each other’s lives.  We need to be careful not to compare with animals we have loved before; every relationship will be different and new.

This week, St. Martin’s took a step to explore the possibility of working with another congregation to share ministry in some way.  The wardens and I met with our Regional Archdeacon Stephen Muir to tell him about what we have been doing as a parish to imagine God’s future.  Your wardens had already met with the wardens of St. Catherine’s Capilano to get to know about each other’s parish.  St. Martin’s parish council will be gathering to discuss what questions would be helpful to ask about process and the qualities and talents we bring to a relationship.  Then the hope is to set up a “date night” with St. Catherine’s parish council to see how we get along.  We’ll be bringing back news to all parishioners for the Annual Vestry Meeting on February 21, 2021, when as a community we can affirm a next step. 

Along the way, we may decide to stay as friends, to “go steady” or even to “marry” sometime in the future.  We don’t know yet, but we are willing to try holding hands (in a physically safe way of course).  And God willing, we’ll discover more than we can ask or imagine.