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It’s been a week to shake the foundations of democracy, courage, and faith.  Not to mention our new deck.  Perhaps you, like me, have been watching events unfold south of the Canadian border with a sinking heart and anger at the injustices?  Add to that the news from our provincial health authorities that the current restrictions are to continue until February 5th and that we are not able to gather face to face with loved ones in support.  Together with everything else happening in our lives, it is difficult to trust in God and keep working on compassionate service. 

Hence this parable: We have just built a new deck.  After all the plans and the trades-people, construction is finished and it stood proud and ready for use.  Then the winter storms came from the south and we began hearing an odd noise.  It sounded like chairs thumping around as they got pushed by the gusts.  I went out to secure them and noticed that the aluminum roof overhead was flexing in the wind.  A little unnerving.  Then I realized that the central post of the structure was actually jumping up and down off the deck every time the storm buffeted the house.  The deck may have been built for normal weather, but these are not normal times.  The solution was to drive some bolts through the post’s plate to strengthen the original clamp. 

I feel that we are at that time in the pandemic and in the world’s history where we need a couple of extra lag-bolts in our lives.  What do you need to add in to your emotional and spiritual care to keep you strong and stable in the next four weeks?  Can you make a commitment to yourself and God to deepen the connections to your foundation?  I invite you to join me at 10 am on Sundays by Zoom (link in this newsletter) to pray and be strengthened together in worship.