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Sabbath time.  Isn’t it funny that when God gets busy, the clergy take a rest?  Christmas and Easter are the busiest seasons of the church year.  But once Jesus is safely delivered into the world or raised from the dead, most priests book vacation time.  That is because there’s a place for pastoral and liturgical leadership in the great festivals.  There’s also an advantage to stepping aside and letting the Light of the World shine out.   

When the song of the angels is stilled,

When the star in the sky is gone,

When the kings and the shepards have found their way home,

The work of Christmas is begun.  

It’s good to have a rhythm of action and contemplation, outreach and introversion.  I’m using this week to quilt, catch up on Netflix, and spend time with my partner and children.  Some of you have probably had too much opportunity to do things like these in the last few months, but one of the dangers of ministry is a relentless desire to keep going.  I’m grateful to God for reminding me about who is really in charge.  A real community with Christ at the centre is perfectly capable of looking after each other.  And so we will, as we welcome 2021.