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Light four candles to watch for Messiah:

Let the light banish darkness.

He is coming, tell the glad tidings.

Let your lights be shining.

          Advent carol by Wayne Wold

Back in the summer it was exciting to stand at doorways and on balconies to participate in the 7 o’clock salute to health care workers.  Now the warm evenings and noisy crowds are gone, and we have a dark winter to get through before vaccines offer some spring hope. 

Our Christian advent tradition of lighting candles to watch and hope is being picked up now with a wider community emphasis on shining out for each other.  The invitation I heard about on the CBC is for people to gather in the dark at 7 pm and use flashlights, cell phones, and anything else that casts light up into the night sky.  This nightly vigil of illumination is to encourage each other and to give thanks for the caregivers, health professionals, emergency responders, and all the workers that risk themselves in order to help. 

Since we are already lighting candles in anticipation of Jesus, what about timing it to coincide with the 7 pm salute?  Our prayer this week is for Love to sustain and renew our world.  May God’s love wrap around all who are ill, alone, or fearful.

We can be God’s messengers of love.  This week, you are receiving a Christmas message along with a summary of our parish survey and a phone list for the parish.  Who do you feel would appreciate a call right now?  To preserve the privacy of those who have not given permission to share information, some of the boxes are blank.  If you would like to be connected with others and have not signed an information release, or changed your mind and would like to share your phone number, please contact the Parish Office.