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Inside-out Church!  That’s what we’ve been practising for the last few months, as the Body of Christ outside the building of the church.  This week, as I dropped off Advent gift bags to our young families and those without email addresses, I recognized again how important it is to have ways to stay connected as the Body.   Brief encounters (socially distanced of course) on doorsteps are one way of having face to face interactions in a time when so many are limited.

Under the Diocesan protocols, clergy are now allowed to have physically distanced visits one on one with a parishioner if they are outside.  I am able to meet with individuals outside of St. Martin’s on the plaza or under the covered walkway on the days when I am at the church.  So for those who are needing a time of personal prayer and counsel, please contact me by email at or phone the parish office at 604-985-5919 and we can schedule an appointment from December 6, 2020. 

I am usually on-site Sundays through Wednesdays, but will be taking study leave next week to prepare for Christmas.