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Keeping communications open is a crucial part of being in community together.  This past Tuesday, your elected leadership met for the monthly Parish Council meeting.  It is important to share what decisions and directions are emerging for St. Martin’s, so here are some highlights.  When the record of each month’s meeting is approved, it is available to all who are interested through the Parish Office.

1.      The timeline for the interim process for new clergy leadership has been revised, given how the workings of the world have changed with the pandemic.  We are on track, with your help, to discern who St. Martin’s needs to be a more vital and sustainable community.

2.      The parish survey “Imagining God’s Future” is being distributed this week to all parishioners either by online link or paper copy.

3.      The Parish Council has agreed to allow community groups and renters to return to on-site gatherings in the church facilities beginning November 1st, provided that the group’s safety plan is approved by parish leadership and a liability waiver is signed.  We will be approving applications with a careful eye to current health authority guidelines, given the changing Covid-19 case numbers.

4.      Christmas services are under consideration.  Your parish leadership is very aware of limits for capacity, energy, and safety this year.  If on-site services are possible, there will need to be both registration methods for attendees and alternatives for joining remotely.  In the coming weeks we will be advertising the possibilities so that both parishioners and the wider community are informed.

A reminder that the Wonderful Wednesday Happy ½ Hour is a great time to check in and get the latest news, ask questions, and hear a friendly voice!