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Today at my home the old deck comes down and the rebuild begins for a new deck.  In the midst of the noise and the dust and the ending of old patterns (don’t walk out the kitchen door!), there is excitement in our household.  Something new is happening.

Something new is happening at St. Martin’s too.  We have established safe patterns for worship and work; now it is time to move forward in the intentional tasks of the interim period.  In the coming week, every parishioner will be receiving a very important survey, which we are calling “Imagining God’s Future”.  It is crucial to have wide input to discern what this faith community will put its resources and energy into to be Church in North Vancouver.  Look for an email or a letter to arrive and please take the prayerful time needed to respond.  The deadline will be our patronal festival- St. Martin’s Day on November 11th.  That’s easy to remember.

The results will be brought back to the parish before Christmas, and it is hoped that early in the new year, the Search Committee can get started on the task of preparing a Parish Profile to call a new minister.  I will be serving with you through this process, but it is up to you as the community to start framing this new stage of life for this parish.  As we move towards the season of expectation, let us rejoice that something new is happening.