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Nobody likes to come to the door and find that it is closed.  I visited a restaurant with this apologetic sign in the window.  The Church proclaims that all are welcome in God’s house.  Yet, like many other public spaces, we have to limit our gathering numbers at this present time because of safety restrictions from health authorities.  We are coming up to one of the larger festivals of the church year: Harvest Thanksgiving.  On Sunday October 11th, St. Martin’s does not want to have to turn anyone away at the door of the church if we reach our maximum number for seating. 

Therefore, St. Martin’s is going to be asking people to re-register their intention to attend Thanksgiving Services.  There will be an 8 am and a 10 am service.  A link  is attached in this week's e-newsletter inviting you to reserve a seat through a platform called Eventbrite.  This is rather like booking a festival seating ticket for a concert or play.    You won’t have to choose a pew, but we do need to keep track of how many are going to be coming to each service. There is no cost. IF the available seating for the 10 am service is filled, you have the option of coming to an 8 am service instead (or you may prefer this service, which has not been held since March).   For parishioners who do not have access to email, simply phone the parish office and the administrator will reserve a place. 

This is a way we can welcome all to a place at God’s table for Harvest Thanksgiving