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This coming Sunday we will be welcoming a new member of the Christian faith into our community at St. Martin’s. 

This is an opportunity not only for us to be witnesses to an amazing event in a young woman’s life; it is also a time to reflect on our own journeys.  As we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross, we remember that we were signed with the sign of the cross, and marked as Christ’s own forever. 

In the coming weeks, our parish will continue to explore the possibilities of what God is calling us.  The parish council is working on some questions to ask each member of the parish about their hopes and yearnings for the future.  Also, we will be starting a new Bible Study in October to learn and listen to God’s Word in our lives. 

Join us on this journey of faith- in person or remotely, by phone or computer, in prayer and thanksgiving- for the love and life of the world.