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The two sacraments that Jesus gave to his followers to be Church are baptism and eucharist.  Baptism marks the welcome of a believer into the household of faith.  Eucharist is the family meal we share together in which Christ is present with us at the table.  During these last few months, we have been living out our Christian lives without the experience of either of these two life-giving and spiritual touch-points.  By God’s grace, the parish of St. Martin’s will be able to celebrate both in the next couple of weeks. 

On Sunday September 13th at 10 am on the plaza outside the church building, we will be baptising Mehrnoosh into the one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.  This has been a long journey of faith for her, delayed by the shutdowns of the pandemic.  Now is her Easter, and you are invited to share this joyful moment either in person or by Zoom.  The baptismal portion of the service will not be recorded for YouTube, so be sure to tune in at 10 am to witness this wonderful moment in our life together.  Please keep Mehrnoosh and her family in your prayers for God’s healing and empowerment.

On Sunday September 20th at 10 am, the celebration of Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer will be held for the first time since March 15, 2020.  Those who are ready to receive are asked to follow Church guidelines, which are described in a separate section of the newsletter.  We will be working with worship leaders to ensure your safety and comfort with the protocols.  Every parishioner has a choice to receive or not, to attend in person or join remotely through Zoom.  We will also continue to record services and post on YouTube while respecting people’s privacy.  If anyone would like to receive the sacrament of private confession before this date, please contact me through the parish office.

Even as the pandemic continues, our life as the community of God continues to grow and adapt.  I give thanks for all the people of this parish as we support what God is calling us to do in spite of the circumstances.