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One of the ways that St. Martin’s can help bring God’s loving community to others is by providing safe ways to gather together- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We recognize the importance for our mental wellbeing of being able to see and speak to each other directly.  Our church is learning to model healthy means of practising in-person gatherings that feed our hearts without making us anxious about our health. 

This coming Sunday, August 30th, those who come to the plaza of St. Martin’s at 11 am are invited to have a physically distanced “coffee hour” outside following these best practices:

1.      Before you stop to chat, move outside the church building and away from the front doors.  Wait until you are outside to exchange more than a wave.

2.      Move to a designated “chat circle” as marked on the ground on the plaza or parking lot.

3.      Suggest splitting into smaller break-out groups in a new location, if there are too many people to safely distance, 

4.      Speak up kindly but firmly to maintain safe physical distancing and practices.

5.      Bring your own beverage in your own container.  No sharing.




Image:  portion of Tree of Life, Gustav Klimt