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Many of us are feeling somewhat disheartened by the recent news of rising Covid-19 cases here in BC.  I know I am not comfortable widening my “bubble” any further and am very careful about everything I do when I am out in public and interacting with others.  I have to tell you that I feel far safer in church with the protocols that are in place than I do in my local grocery store.  As we continue to practice respectful and thoughtful behaviour, we are keeping our loved ones and our neighbours in good health. 

Our Archbishop, Melissa Skelton, has indicated that some parishes may be permitted to move to Phase III of the re-opening plan as early as August 16, 2020.  The parish council and trustees of St. Martin’s have agreed that we are not yet ready to take this step.  We would like to see our tenants established in their good routines first before we consider how to widen our welcome to the community groups that are relying on us to maintain a safe environment.  We have welcomed Lil Bloomers Daycare back and are actively working with Good Stewards Church to situate them in the hall to start.  We are starting conversations with SMP, the theatre group that produces the much-loved “Pantos”. 

Let’s keep our energy on connecting with each other during the week by virtual means:  phone calls, emails, Zoom or Facetime check-ins, and helping out from safe distances.  This week, we are trying out a midweek get together on Zoom we are calling the “Wonderful Wednesday Happy ½ Hour”.  I would also be happy to have a study group on prayer on Monday nights from 7-8 pm if I hear enough interest.  We have learned how important it is for our physical, mental, and spiritual health to grow our social connections even as we limit our physical ones. It’s all to the glory of God!  If you or someone you know needs a call, please let me know through the parish office.