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Last Sunday marked our first in-person worship gathering in four months.  The people gathered in our parish church were joined on Zoom by other parishioners, and more enjoyed the service when it was posted up on our Youtube channel later that day.  Past services are still available to watch at leisure.

We are learning as we go.  The community will continue to adjust our practices to ensure the safety and emotional comfort of all.  This week, we have shifted the spacing of seating in the worship area to give a little more distance between people and also to allow couples more spots to sit together.  If you are in the same household with someone, you are welcome to stay together for the service.  Otherwise, please respect people’s bubbles. 

Thanks to our soloist, Emma Jang, and music director, David Millard, we have a little bit of music in our services.  At the current time, only the two of them have authorization to sing during worship under strict diocesan protocols.  The church is working on further screening to ensure safety as necessary.  The rest of us “sing in our hearts”.

To note: one of our parishioners is making cotton masks, which are available by donation.  If you would like one, they are available in individual plastic bags at the entrance of the church.  You can put a contribution in the collection plate or the donation box on the wall of the entry area.  So much nicer than the disposable options.  Just wash in warm water and soap after use and hang to dry!