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 This year Sunday June 21st is both Aboriginal Peoples’ Day and Fathers’ Day.  Here are a couple of ideas to celebrate…

Aboriginal Peoples' Day

Learn more about the Urban Aboriginal Ministry in our Diocese and watch this prayer for the Four Directions with the Rev. Vivian Seegers at

A National Anglican and Lutheran gathering for prayer and praise is happening online.  Check out

This recent Anglican documentary “Stolen Lands, Strong Hearts” explains and rejects the doctrine of discovery

Fathers’ Day

This year we need to find even more creative ways to thank those who are fathers in our lives. 

Consider lighting a candle and saying a prayer of thanks for those fathers who have died.

Send a card, make a phone call, or set up some time to chat through Facetime or Zoom with the dads you are currently physically distant from.

If there is a dad in your household, surprise him by decorating his chair, making a favourite food, or taking time to sit down a share a drink and conversation.  After all, we love our fathers all year, but it is a good reminder on this day to remember to say “I love you”.