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Sunday June 14th marks the beginning of the Diocese’s Phase II towards re-opening places of worship.  The Parish Council of St. Martin’s will be meeting next Tuesday evening to ready our draft plan for submission to the archbishop.  Once the Trustees are satisfied that we have covered all the bases, it will be sent to the Synod Office.  With her Grace’s approval, we will then share the details with all parishioners through a parish letter.   We are now preparing for a possible date of Sunday July 12, 2020.  the Sunday before will be a “practice run” for chosen individuals to learn the new patterns of gathering.  In Phase II we will be able to gather for a Morning Prayer service on Sundays with musical support.

I give thanks for the resiliency of people especially this week, and for the incredible support through prayer and practice of the St. Martin’s community.  Through the losses and changes of the last few months, we do not lose sight of the great commandment: to love God and to love others as ourselves.  Keep the faith as we physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for the day when we will laugh face to face once again.