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Pentecost is full of surprises. So is our Pentecost service this week. Watch it this week from start to finish and find some inspiration (and a smile).  We’ve gone all out to celebrate the birth-day of the Church!

It takes talent and energy and courage to bring people together in worship, whether it is virtual or in-person. In the next phase of our plan to move forward, the doors of St. Martin’s will be open again.  I want to be clear about what we will be able to do. We are preparing to offer one Morning Prayer service on Sunday mornings at 10 am in the church building for a maximum of 35 persons. 

There will be no holy communion, no singing, physical distancing, and no coffee hour to follow.  We will continue to “broadcast” the service, probably with Zoom.

Sounds rather bare, doesn’t it? So why not stay virtual until we have more relaxation of protocols?  This step is important to allow those who want to gather safely, and to practice healthy and safe interactions in anticipation of phase 3.  But most important of all, when two or three are gathered in God’s name, we find God in our midst.  Those who can come will be offering prayers with and for all, in spite of any barriers. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.