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The big news is out from the Archbishop’s office: a re-opening plan for in-person gatherings in the churches of the Diocese.  What does this mean for St. Martin’s?  First and foremost, it is a matter of pastoral importance.  We are longing for the time when we can be with each other again.  At the same time, many of us may have concerns about what this means for our safety and health.  The leadership of this faith community is committed to a thoughtful and informed process of phasing in community gatherings, with the best information from both health authorities and our Church’s wisdom. 

The protocols and guidelines are available for all to see on the diocesan website at

They include a questionnaire for parishes to complete, and the creation of a plan to be submitted to the Archbishop for approval before the parish can re-open.  Your parish trustees are responsible for this work, with input from the rest of parish council and you.  I invite your questions, concerns, and hopes.  Please send them by email to the parish office at  or pop a note in the mail.   In the next two weeks, we will work together to consider what will best support the gospel work of St. Martin’s in worship, learning, community life, and service. 

The earliest date for in-person worship is June 14, 2020 if the consensus is we are ready for what will be Phase 2 for us.  The parish is working on feasible ways to continue to support virtual worship for members who choose to continue to join remotely rather than physically. 

We need to hear from you about your needs and how you can help yourself and others stay connected.  I ask your prayers for our work forward: that God’s power continue to transform us as bearers of the Good News of love for the world.