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Communication is a two-way street.  It is wonderful that we have technologies like e-newsletters and websites, recorded Youtube services and even the printing and mailing of bulletins by post.  But I need to hear from you as well as you hearing from me.  Yes, you can connect through Zoom or email if you have the capacity, or you can phone the church office.  And if you have the phone number of someone else in the parish, you can give him or her a call.  However, there are gaps in our communications.

Our parish council has identified “improving communications” as a high priority for this year.  A concrete first step will be the distribution of a permission form to every person and household in the parish.  Some of you had previously given the parish office authorization to hold contact information for membership and financial purposes.  The time has come to update our records and to ask about permission for voice and image recordings. 

This is in accordance with the provincial privacy act and diocesan privacy policies.  Information given in confidence will still be kept private, e.g. donation information, emails sent out by blind cc to groups.  This is what we are hoping we can do differently going forward:

-          Parishioners will receive a phone list of all members who have agreed to share their phone numbers

-          Photos on our website and shared publicly will have proper authorization

-          Video recordings or livestreamed services which show parish members will have their permission to appear

This week the health authorities have begun the process of opening up in-person gatherings to faith groups.  At the diocesan and parish level we are making plans to do this slowly and thoughtfully.  The parish leadership wants to know your hopes, concerns, and questions. Please take advantage of the communication tools you have to keep in touch.  We’re all in this together, so let’s help keep each other informed.