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When we began our journey together into the interim period, we discussed that the work of our faith community is to gather people into Christ’s body, the Church, a community of transformation, and be sent back into the world renewed to act as God’s loving and transforming presence.  In our times together, we are changed by our worship and prayer, study and learning, community life, and loving action.  These are sources of transformation to help us become what God is calling us to be.

I don’t know that any of us could have imagined how much our world would change with the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, through the last two months, I have seen the people of St. Martin’s rise to the challenge of staying connected, faithful, and compassionate. 

This week I wanted to highlight some of the new ways we have learned.  Our worship has shifted from meeting in our church building to meeting virtually: through the distribution of materials for Sunday Morning Prayer, recorded and shared Youtube services, and Zoom Agapé gatherings. 

Many of us have found new resources to pray at home, including prayer requests gathered during the week, joining in a prayer for the world at noon, and giving thanks for health care workers at 7 pm. 

We have changed learning approaches to hold a book study group and now two Bible studies by Zoom (just learning the technology counts!). 

Parish groups are also using different platforms to continue life in community, from council meetings, church administration, phoning parishioners, and a virtual coffee hour on Sundays.  This coming week, there’s a Beer and Pizza night (sort of) for the Men's Group. Loving action is possible through the sharing of our talents, time, and treasure- whether that is picking up groceries for your neighbour, making a phone call to connect, or keeping up your financial support of the parish and other ministries in our community. 

We may not get everything right.  But transformation is a gradual process, and we are engaging with love as we stumble through this together.  Let’s be kind to each other as we make mistakes, seek the Spirit’s calm when our anxieties clutch at us, and rest safe in the knowledge that God’s love carries us through all our trials.