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With the most recent projections from the provincial, health, and diocesan authorities, St. Martin’s and other Anglican parishes are looking at continuing not to gather in-person until mid-June. 

The leadership will be in touch with all of our community groups, rentals, and tenants to plan a safe process forward for the time when each is able to have activities in our buildings. 

In the mean-time, I want to reassure everyone associated with our faith community that we are committed to safety, support, and communications as we continue to live into this new world.  The work of interim ministry has never been more important, as we discern how God is calling us to respond in love to those around us. 

I have now been with you for almost five months as your interim priest-in-charge.  In that period, we have continued to breathe, love, hope, and pray together as we have experienced personal, national, and global tragedy and change.  In my 4 month report, (click/press for report) I have tried to outline what we have done so far.  We continue to walk this new road with the company of the risen Christ. 

In the coming weeks, there are more opportunities to connect through worship, study, and fellowship so that you have food for the journey.  Join us for Sunday morning worship on Youtube or the Agapé gathering on Zoom, Bible Study, or a virtual coffee hour!  And please know that your parish council and trustees are taking seriously the expressed needs and hopes of all as we vision an Easter future for St. Martin’s.