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This will be my last Sunday with St. Martin’s.  In the interim that we have shared together over the last 19 months, you have celebrated your heritage while adapting to the present.  Now, as you are poised to embrace the future, it is time for me to step down from my role as your priest-in-charge.  The parish profile requesting our Diocesan Bishop to make a 60% time appointment is in his hands.  Your Parish Council, Trustees, and Search Committee have worked hard to fulfil their roles.  Although they will continue what is necessary for worship and maintenance over the summer, it is time for a rest.

I invite you to keep the sabbath this summer as you wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal who will be your next clergy companion in your journey.  Please stay connected on Sundays, as you enjoy a series of guest preachers and presiders that show what a wonderful diversity of talents clergy bring to a community.  Keep in touch with each other either face-to-face or through phone or electronic means we have learned can be so helpful.  Reach out and get to know your neighbours even better now restrictions are lifting.  And take time to rest in the love and protection of God, who has brought you with grace thus far.  

I go with a grateful heart for all you have shared with me: your tears and fears, your wisdom and wisecracks, your many tokens of affection that I will cherish and remember you by.  Some of you have been part of the Church long enough to know that pastors come and go, but the flock remains one under our Good Shepherd.  You are in His care, and you are blessed people.  As St. Julien reminds us, “all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.”