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January-March 2021 Financial Update


The following has been summarized from the financial report to parish council April 20, 2021. 

INCOME                      $51,815


EXPENDITURES            $65,119


DEFICIT                        (13,204)


·         Monthly income for the 1st quarter has remained stable

·         Rental income remains low because of health restrictions

·         Diocesan credit for monthly assessment January-March has significantly helped

·         We continue to remain consistent with expenditure amounts

·         Insurance costs have increased by 22.25%

·         Diocesan credit has reduced deficit from ($23,729)

·         Finances are consistent with 2020 but still show we are operating beyond our means without help from investments or diocese

·         Consolidated Trust Funds (CTFs) show slight gains

·         Year to date no investment funds have been transferred to operating

·         Generous support of parishioners has enabled continued ministry even with virtual community