As people of faith, our ongoing life and relationships are supported through the conversations with God we call prayer.  In prayer we both speak our truth and open ourselves to God's loving reply.  We do this as a community and as individuals.  Two ways you can participate is through the weekly Prayers of the People or the St. Martin's Prayer Circle.

At public acts of worship

The Prayers of the People are an important part of the Sunday service. They are facilitated by a individual called an intercessor, who leads us to remember and name our concerns, needs and thanksgivings. If you have have something or someone on your heart that you want the community to pray for publicly for one Sunday morning, please be in touch with the parish office

Requests received before Wednesday noon will be included by first name and initial in the next Sunday's bulletin, which is available through the website for download.  Please ensure that the person you would like to be prayed for has given their permission to be named and contacted by the church. The community is encouraged to continue to pray during the following week for these requests. 

St. Martin's Prayer Circle

The St. Martin's Prayer Circle is a group of people who have committed to pray for specific individuals or situations by request.  Requests coming to the parish office are forwarded to the coordinator of the Prayer Circle, who shares the names and needs privately within the group. Members of the St. Martin's Prayer Circle devote time to pray for participants from their own homes as part of their daily  prayer life, although they may sometimes gather as a group to do so. 

Permission is needed from an individual to have their name and need shared with the group and for follow-up contact.  In the case where a family member or friend is concerned about someone who does not give permission, the Prayer Circle can pray for that caregiver to support healing and wellness.