As a community of faith we are all called to hold and support one another in prayer. 2 official ways in which we do this is through the weekly Prayers of the People or the St. Martin's Prayer Ministry.

Prayers of the People

The Prayers of the People form part of the Sunday service. They are developed and led by a group of Intercessors during the service. If you have something that you would like included in the Prayers of the People please be in touch with the parish office.

St. Martin's Prayer Ministry

We are excited to launch a new prayer ministry in the parish! The St. Martin's Prayer Ministry is a group of people appointed by the Vicar to pray for people who are no longer on the weekly prayer list that is part of the Prayers of the People. People included in the St. Martin's Prayer Ministry either do not want their name or prayer request published each week or who wish to be intentionally held in prayer for a longer term, greater than three months.

Members of the St. Martin's Prayer Ministry pray for participants in this ministry in their own homes as part of their daily and weekly prayer life.

For more information or to be added to the St. Martin's Prayer Ministry prayer list, please contact the parish office.